100UP Off-grid solar energy system Gippsland

Off-grid solar energy is the way to be in Gippsland Victoria. Get your dream place with minimum impact on the environment and your pocket.

10 years in off-grid solar

We started as a small solar company located in Ballarat Victoria and after some time we moved our business operations into Gippsland Victoria. We 100% dedicated to only off-grid energy systems

Only the best off-grid solar equipment 

Our favourite off-grid equipment: Ingeteam is off-grid Inverter made in Europe by one of the largest European company. Pylontech battery largest battery manufacturers in the world and got one of the best performing batteries.

Off-grid solar design

We made off-grid solar design simple. We offer packages designed for a different type of households.

Off-grid solar for Family of 4 all electrical consumption 20kWh a  day

Off-grid solar for Family of 4 all, electrical + swimming pool, average consumption 40kWh a day

Off-grid solar for Family of 2, all electrical average consumption 15kWh a day

Off-grid solar installations in Gippsland can go up in numbers 

Pandemic is pushing people out of the Melbourne city according to ABC news. Gippsland is one of the favourite regions in Victoria but with a week or no electrical grid penetration. Off-grid solar energy is the only alternative to grid power and becoming more popular.

12kW Off grid solar energy system 

This is an off-grid system installed in the Gippsland region of Victoria.
24 Solar panels, 330Watt each
Ingeteam inverter - 6/11kW
12kWh Pylontech lithium battery.
The average cost of this size off-grid system $25k
Ingeteam off-grid inverter supplied by
 100UP off-grid solar Australia

Off-grid solar energy is the best possible energy source for domestic use. Over the last ten years, off-grid solar systems became much cheaper than grid connection. As well off-grid systems became more reliable than grid supply and very long-lasting

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