best off-grid solar system

Small powerful off-grid / hybrid inverter 

Up to 14kW solar charge controller
Up to 14kW pv input
AC Cont. output power at 40°C 6kW
AC with Generator or Grid 11.5kW
Two wire start for Generator
Export control for grid connection
10 years warranty extendable up to 25
Online access to setting
Comprehensive monitoring system
Ingeteam off-grid inverter supplied by 100UP Off Grid Solar Australia.

Pylontech lithium battery

Pylontech one of the best batteries according to report from Australian lithium Ion Battery test centre. See attached report

Off-grid solar packages and prices for Gippsland Victoria

12kW Off-grid solar with
12kWh battery

11.88kW solar 36 x 330W solar panels
6kW Ingetam off grid solar inverter
12kWh lithium solar battery

Price $25-$27K

12kW Off-grid solar with
24kW battery

11.88kW solar 36 x 330W solar panels
6kW Ingetam off grid solar inverter
24kWh lithium solar battery

Price $37-$39K

24kW off-grid solar with
24kWh battery

23.76kW made of 72X 330W solar panels
11 kW AC power supply
Extendable 24 kWh lithium solar battery

Price $46-$49K

New Off-grid solar systems prices with 370W solar panels

11.5kW or 50A continues power supply up to 40C

the same amount of power as if a house connected to the grid power

24kW solar panels - 24kW battery charging power

Most likely no need for a backup generator 

Reliability of power supply - dual inverter system

In event of failure of one inverter - half of the system provide 6kw.

INGECON Off-grid inverter made in Europe

Premium solar panels 

Choose solar panels from our premium range. Sunpower, LG solar, REC .

Popular solar panels 

Popular solar panels choice: Trina. Suntech, Jinko

Types of off-grid solar power systems

New generation off-grid energy system

Batteries and solar panels connected to one Inverter and managed by an internal computer

Traditional DC coupled off-grid energy system 

Solar panels connected to batteries by a charge controller and battery inverter taking power from a battery.

AC coupled off-grid energy system

Solar panels connected to grid inverter, battery inverter use AC power from grid inverter to charge a battery