Hybrid solar packages and prices for Gippsland Victoria

Off-grid/Hybrid solar system performance near Traralgon in Gippsland Victoria  

The solar and battery system is installed in Grand Ridge 50 km from Traralgon Victoria. The system consists of 7kW of REC solar panels, Ingeteam inverter and BYD HV 6.4kWh battery. This place has an export control 3.5kW.

What is a hybrid solar energy system?

Hybrid solar systems are grid-connect solar with battery, it is designed to increase self-consumption of energy produced by your solar panels. It can provide some battery back-up.

Off-grid ready hybrid solar energy system

Our hybrid solar system based on Ingeteam Off-grid/ Hybrid inverter which can be functioning as a self-consumption system and export some power to the grid and grid can be replaced with a generator.

Battery ready and off-grid solar ready energy system

Ingeteam inverter can be installed as simple grid inverter with panels only. A battery can be added later. We offer a large solar system with 8kw and 12kw of solar panels, price range from $6k to $10K. To find prices for systems with batteries please refer to our off-grid solar prices